• Providing a breath sample with a blood alcohol concentration (B.A.C) of .08 or higher
  • Driving a commercial vehicle .04 B.A.C or higher

Aggravated DWI

  • Providing a breath sample of .16 B.A.C.
  • Causing bodily injury while driving intoxicated
  • Refusing to submit to a chemical test and subsequently found by the court to have been intoxicated

Selling/Giving Alcohol to a Minor

  • The intended sale, serving or giving of alcoholic beverages to a minor (under the age of 21), permitting a minor to consume alcoholic beverages or assisting a minor in purchasing alcoholic beverages is a 4th degree felony.

NM Motor Vehicle Division

  • If you are between the ages of 15 and 34, you are more likely to die in an alcohol-related crash than any other single cause. Tougher laws and greater enforcement have resulted in a drop in DWI deaths over the last 10 years. If you suspect someone is driving under the influence, you may call (877) DWI HALT or #DWI (cell phone only) to report the driver.

Binge Drinking

  • Binge drinking (drinking five or more drinks on a single occasion) is risky behavior. Prevention is the primary focus of our efforts to reduce harm associated with underage drinking. Reducing binge drinking would significantly reduce the three leading causes of death among our youth in New Mexico which are: motor vehicle crashes, suicide and homicide.


New Mexico police are out in force trying to protect citizens from those who harm them by driving while intoxicated. Methods used by the police to recognize and apprehend drunk drivers include:

  • Standardized field sobriety tests
  • Sobriety check points
  • Group patrols
  • Breath Alcohol Test (BAT) mobiles
  • Mobile video surveillance


Penalties for an initial DWI conviction include:

  • 6-12 month license revocation
  • 1 year ignition interlock
  • up to 90 days in jail (if the charge is aggravated DWI, a mandatory 48 hour jail sentence will be imposed)


Subsequent DWI convictions will result in harsher penalties. Don’t drink and drive.


DWI Brochure




Cibola County Law Enforcement:
Cibola County Sheriff Office(505) 876-2040
Acoma Pueblo Police Department(505) 552-6601
Grants Police Department(505) 287-5144
Laguna Pueblo Police Department(505) 552-6685
Milan Police Department(505) 287-4491
Pine Hill – Ramah Navajo Police Department(505) 775-3226
New Mexico State Police(505) 287-4377

Sandoval County Law Enforcement: 
Sandoval County Sheriff Office(505) 867-7526
Bernalillo Police Department(505) 867-2304
Cochiti Pueblo Police Department(505) 465-3136
Corrales Police Department(505) 898-7585
Cuba Police Department(505) 289-9157
Jemez Pueblo Police Department(575) 834-0468
Jemez Springs Police Department(575) 829-3345
Kewa Pueblo - B.I.A. Police
(505) 346-2868/2869
Rio Rancho Police Department(505) 891-5900
Sandia Pueblo Police Department(505) 890-1428
San Felipe Pueblo – B.I.A. Police
(505) 346-2868/2869
Santa Ana Pueblo Police Department(505) 891-7226
San Ysidro Police Department(575) 834-7581
New Mexico State Police(505) 841-9256




Valencia County Law Enforcement: 
Valencia County Sheriff Department(505) 865-9603
Belen Police Department(505) 864-6288
Bosque Farms Police Department(505) 869-2358
Isleta Pueblo Police Department(505) 869-6511
Los Lunas Police Department(505) 865-9130
New Mexico State Police(505) 841-9256


New Mexico State Law Enforcement: 
New Mexico State Police(505) 827-9300