Juvenile Justice Program

About Juvenile Justice Programs:

  • The focus is on the needs of children referred to the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) and to Juvenile Justice Division (JJD).
  • To provide supervision to juveniles who have been referred to the juvenile probation and parole office.
  • To provide each client with an individualized care plan, which must be adhered to.
  • The ultimate goal is to work towards the achievement of a fundamental change in the lifestyle of which the adolescent participates

What Should I Know?

Juvenile Probation/Parole Officers from the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department, Juvenile Justice Services receive and examine law enforcement delinquency complaints and conduct preliminary inquiries to determine how to proceed. The preliminary
inquires determine the best interest of the youth and the public regarding any action taken. Intake must notify the District Attorney of all felony complaints along with any recommended adjustments to the complaint.

The county District Attorney, after consulting with probation, must endorse the filing and subsequently sign all petitions.

Youth Development, Inc. is an agency, which is nationally and internationally recognized youth service organization that provides: educational, developmental and humanitarian assistance to children, youth and families in central and northern New Mexico. YDI’s programs include: gang intervention, drop-out prevention, transitional living, youth sports, internships, scholarships, parenting skills, leadership development, public housing programs, community corrections, GED studies, Head-start centers, substance abuse and AIDS education and many more.


The Sandoval County Juvenile Justice Taskforce

Gives screened juveniles the opportunity to take part in a youth program administered by the Day Reporting Center in lieu of detention. While in the program, the participants must successfully complete a series of tasks including: community service, athletics and fulfill certain academic standards. The program was designed to give juveniles an alternative to the detention center while learning how to constructively change their behavior from delinquent to a community oriented individual.

Teen Court

Is designed to address first time traffic and minor criminal offenses committed by youth between 13 and 18 years old. Peers of the teenagers serve as jurors, court clerks and bailiffs. Teens in the program are given an alternative sentencing such as: letters of apology, a minimum of 10 hours of community service and serving on the jury. The jurors, however, decide if the respondent committed the crime, since a respondent must admit the traffic or criminal violation in order to have his/ her case referred to Teen Court. If the participate successfully completes his/her sentence the charges are dismissed. The program offers offenders a positive experience within the judicial system, while giving them the opportunity to keep their records free of law violations. Referrals are made by magistrate and municipal judges as well as the Juvenile Probation and Parole Officers. Applicants are screened before being accepted into the Teen Court program. The 13th Judicial District currently has Teen Court Programs in Valencia County and Cibola County.

Adult Protective Services Division

(866) 654-3219 or (505) 476-4912


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Cibola County Law Enforcement:
Cibola County Sheriff Office(505) 876-2040
Acoma Pueblo Police Department(505) 552-6601
Grants Police Department(505) 287-5144
Laguna Pueblo Police Department(505) 552-6685
Milan Police Department(505) 287-4491
Pine Hill – Ramah Navajo Police Department(505) 775-3226
New Mexico State Police(505) 287-4377

Sandoval County Law Enforcement: 
Sandoval County Sheriff Office(505) 867-7526
Bernalillo Police Department(505) 867-2304
Cochiti Pueblo Police Department(505) 465-3136
Corrales Police Department(505) 898-7585
Cuba Police Department(505) 289-9157
Jemez Pueblo Police Department(575) 834-0468
Jemez Springs Police Department(575) 829-3345
Kewa Pueblo - B.I.A. Police
(505) 346-2868/2869
Rio Rancho Police Department(505) 891-5900
Sandia Pueblo Police Department(505) 890-1428
San Felipe Pueblo – B.I.A. Police
(505) 346-2868/2869
Santa Ana Pueblo Police Department(505) 891-7226
San Ysidro Police Department(575) 834-7581
New Mexico State Police(505) 841-9256


Valencia County Law Enforcement: 
Valencia County Sheriff Department(505) 865-9603
Belen Police Department(505) 864-6288
Bosque Farms Police Department(505) 869-2358
Isleta Pueblo Police Department(505) 869-6511
Los Lunas Police Department(505) 865-9130
New Mexico State Police(505) 841-9256


New Mexico State Law Enforcement: 
New Mexico State Police(505) 827-9300