Cyber Bullying

What is Cyber Bullying?

The intentional harassment through the Internet via e-mail, social networking sites, instant messaging or cell phones. Examples of Cyber Bullying include:

  • Hacking or stealing a password to a personal online account with the intent of posting or sending compromising information, pictures or videos.
  • Rumors spread through: social networking sites, e-mail or text messaging.
  • The doctoring of photographs to make the subject appear to be in a humiliating or uncomfortable situation.
  • The sending or posting of messages with the intent of engaging a subject’s negative emotions.

What is Distinctive About Cyber Bullying?

  • Content posted online has a larger potential audience. Information can be spread quickly with little effort.
  • Cyber bullying is not confined to time or location. The taunts, threats, insults and rumors follow an individual home and is accessible all the time.
  • The duration of torment is lengthened. Messages or photos posted online have the potential to remain online permanently and forever.

Protecting Your Personal Information

It is important to never share information such as: home addresses, phone numbers, private thoughts and feelings and pictures online. This information could be used by cyber bullies to: alter photos, taunt victims about their personal feelings or share private e-mails with others.

  • Limit the personal information you post on social networking sites.
  • Ensure the privacy settings on a particular site are strong.
  • Be leery of strangers or unrecognized names trying to contact or befriend you online.

Protecting Yourself from Cyber bullying

  • Be sure to change passwords often to ensure the safety of profiles and e-mail addresses.I
  • f harassed by phone, change your phone number or have the numbers of the harassers blocked from calling your phone.
  • Save and file all harassing e-mails, chats, messages, posts and tweets as evidence for a report.
  • Do not stay silent, tell a trusted adult about instances of Cyber bullying.


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New Mexico State Law Enforcement: 
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