13th Judicial District Office Trainings

“Building strong partnerships within the judicial system is key to winning the fight against crime and making the community a safer place to live”.

Lemuel Martinez, 13th District Attorney


Since 2008, the 13th Judicial DA’s office has held an annual Drug, Gangs, and Prosecution conference. The goal for this conference is to emphasize the value of collaboration among Local Law Enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office in the investigation and prosecution of drug trafficking and gang activity.

 The two-day long specialized training on drugs and gangs is available to law enforcement and prosecutors throughout the state of New Mexico.  

“What is unique about this training is that it will bring together prosecutors and law enforcement in the classroom and address how to work together to implement strategies in the prevention, investigation and collaboration of these types of crimes as well as developing and maintaining skills that it takes to successfully prosecute them.” said Lemuel Martinez, 13th District Attorney.


The Child Sexual Abuse conference started in 2003. The goal is to collaborate with the Children, Youth and Family Department, Local Law Enforcement and the District Attorney's Office in the investigation and prosecution of child sexual abuse.

District Attorney Prosecutors, law enforcement investigators, county office managers, senior supervisors of the Children, Youth and Family Department, and victim advocates in our three counties are invited to attend trainings for investigation and the prosecution of child sexual abuse. This conference also provides updates which effect state, federal and tribal laws.

 “I’m honored to have speakers for this conference who are experts in interviewing, evaluating, investigating and prosecuting these crimes against our community’s youngest victims,” said Lemuel Martinez, 13th District Attorney.

Annually the 13th Judicial District Attorney’s Office provides training for local law enforcement agencies in Cibola, Sandoval and Valencia counties.  The topics covered are Search and Seizure, Law of Arrest, Report Writing and as well as legal updates.




Cibola County Law Enforcement:
Cibola County Sheriff Office(505) 876-2040
Acoma Pueblo Police Department(505) 552-6601
Grants Police Department(505) 287-5144
Laguna Pueblo Police Department(505) 552-6685
Milan Police Department(505) 287-4491
Pine Hill – Ramah Navajo Police Department(505) 775-3226
New Mexico State Police(505) 287-4377


Sandoval County Law Enforcement: 
Sandoval County Sheriff Office(505) 867-7526
Bernalillo Police Department(505) 867-2304
Cochiti Pueblo Police Department(505) 465-3136
Corrales Police Department(505) 898-7585
Cuba Police Department(505) 289-9157
Jemez Pueblo Police Department(575) 834-0468
Jemez Springs Police Department(575) 829-3345
Kewa Pueblo - B.I.A. Police
(505) 346-2868/2869
Rio Rancho Police Department(505) 891-5900
Sandia Pueblo Police Department(505) 890-1428
San Felipe Pueblo – B.I.A. Police
(505) 346-2868/2869
Santa Ana Pueblo Police Department(505) 891-7226
San Ysidro Police Department(575) 834-7581
New Mexico State Police(505) 841-9256


Valencia County Law Enforcement: 
Valencia County Sheriff Department(505) 865-9603
Belen Police Department(505) 864-6288
Bosque Farms Police Department(505) 869-2358
Isleta Pueblo Police Department(505) 869-6511
Los Lunas Police Department(505) 865-9130
New Mexico State Police(505) 841-9256


New Mexico State Law Enforcement: 
New Mexico State Police(505) 827-9300